Alleyoop is a Valgrind front-end for the GNOME environment, made by Jeffrey Stedfast.

Latest news:

Sat, 17 December 2011: Added support for --track-origins. 0.9.8.

Mon, 23 November 2009: Fixed a bug that prevented the File/Run menu item from opening a Run dialog if a program had not been specified on the command-line. The new release is 0.9.7.

Mon, 23 November 2009: Added support for the --track-origins Valgrind option thanks to a patch by Gérald Fauvelle. The new release is 0.9.6.

Sat, 07 March 2009: Added support for some of the newer Memcheck options like --ignore-ranges, --malloc-fill and --free-fill. Also fixed Alleyoop's command-line argument parsing to actually keep track of the -I and -R arguments. The new release is 0.9.5.

Sun, 08 February 2009: Fixed some Valgrind error log parser bugs and also removed unnecessary symtab parsing to allow Alleyoop to build on newer distros. The new release is 0.9.4.

Mon, 14 August 2006: Fixed some Valgrind error log parser bugs and also remove unnecessary symtab parsing to allow Alleyoop to build on newer distrosReplaced the popt argument parsing code with some custom code to fix memory corruption issues caused by popt. The new release is 0.9.3.

Fri, 28 July 2006: Fixed a bug involving the invalid command line option --leak-check=false (it should have been =no) and a popup menu bug where items would be disabled if you didn't click the row first before right-clicking. The new release is 0.9.2.

Thu, 12 June 2006: Apologies for slacking off and not making any releases in over a year (wow, a year!? that's crazy!), but here it is... 0.9.1. This release is mostly just an update to work with Valgrind 3.1.0. It may not work with <=2.x versions anymore (or even 3.0.x?) due to a change I needed to make in the valgrind command-line arguments passed (namely s/--logfile-fd/--log-fd/).

Thu, 05 May 2005: The Cinco de Mayo release (0.9.0) is finally here. Added support for Valgrind 2.4.0 (which is now the only supported Valgrind version since they changed the command-line arguments on me). You can still load old Valgrind logs into this new version of Alleyoop, but Alleyoop 0.9.0 will no longer be able to run older versions of Valgrind.

Tue, 08 February 2005: About time I made another realease (0.8.3) just when everyone thought the project was dead!

Sun, 04 April 2004: Released 0.8.2.

Fri, 02 April 2004: Just downloaded and installed Valgrind 2.1.1 and finally Helgrind works for me, so the first thing I did was added it to Alleyoop. I also discovered that Valgrind 2.1.x has implemented one of my 2 major feature requests, being "Track open file descriptors". Three cheers for the Valgrind developers! Support for this setting is now also in Alleyoop CVS. I'll be releasing a new Alleyoop within the next few days (just want to give translators time to translate the new string I added).

Mon, 09 February 2004: Finished the auto-suppression rule generation code to handle Addr[1,2,4,8] and Free errors and have released 0.8.1.

Tue, 21 October 2003: Finally got around to hacking Alleyoop again. As a result, when you add a suppression rule - any errors in the current view matching that suppression are removed, just like they are in Purify. This new feature can be found in 0.8.0.

Sun, 01 June 2003: 0.7.2 is so last month, so I've decided to release a new version numbered 0.7.3.

Wed, 21 May 2003: New release of Alleyoop available (0.7.2).

Sat, 26 April 2003: Released Alleyoop 0.7.1.

Wed, 23 April 2003: Dag Wieers has been kind enough to make Red Hat 9.0 RPM packages of Alleyoop 0.7.0 available at as well as an apt repository at

Tue, 22 April 2003: Another day, another release. I live by the rule release early, release often. Since this version adds support for changing which Valgrind 'skin' to use, I've decided that this release is worthy enough to bump up to 0.7.0.

Sun, 20 April 2003: Made a new (0.6.5) release this morning containing Cut/Copy/Paste support - the last UI element that had previously been unimplented. Alleyoop no longer contains any screenshotware features ;-)

Sat, 19 April 2003: Released Alleyoop 0.6.4 with the following new features:

Fri, 18 April 2003: Just put up a website. What? Surprised this wasn't the first thing I did? Yea, I know - it's on SourceForge and I actually had a working product before a web page. Amazing.